How can I manage my Crohns and Colitis symptoms?

Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis are complex, and every person is different but it can be managed with a multidisciplinary approach including through a combination of medication, surgery, diet and lifestyle medicine. Because these conditions are lifelong, management key, and trying to ensure you experience as fewer flare ups as possible is the main aim.

From a nutrition and lifestyle perspective I work with people with Crohn’s and Colitis, alongside their gastroenterologists, on 5 key areas that impact the health of our intestines;

  1. Food and drink

  2. Movement

  3. Mental health/stress

  4. Sleep

  5. The microbiome,

This way, together, we can make sure every avenue is being covered and supported. It is possible to get symptoms under control and to lead a happy and healthy life, but its all about finding what works best for you as an individual from both a drug treatment, and diet and lifestyle perspective, and you need a good team of people to help you get there.