Lets talk about Poo!

When you suffer with Crohns, Colitis, IBS or any other digestive related illness, you think a lot about poo, you get asked a lot about your poo by doctors and nurses, and you often poo a lot too! When I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I remember finding it really hard and embarrassing to talk poo. Even when I had my colostomy bag during my teenage years, I hardly told anyone but I really regret that now. 

Poo is such a taboo subject in our society but I don’t think it should be, I think it is something we should be talking about more; it is so important and can say so much about our health. If you are having problems with your digestion and your poo, you need to seek help and talk about it. Far away are the days I felt awkward talking about poo, I love talking about poo now! Its fascinating and something I discuss every single day with my clients!

I want to encourage everyone to be more open with their struggles, not only with Crohns and Colitis but with every illness or problem we have, as I know we can empower each other by sharing our stories of strength and resilience. If you are struggling then seek help, and know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.