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The NALM Clinic works with companies to promote optimal health in the workplace. This includes bespoke talks, interactive workshops, one on one consultations, and working with in house food providers to optimise the nutritional content quality of the food provided to employees.  

We will empower employees with information on how the food they eat can optimise their health and performance. We will inspire them to make healthier choices with practical tips they can take away with them and implement immediately.  Improving nutrition in the workplace can bring tangible business benefits including reduced sick days, improved productivity, and a happier workforce. 

Working with Clemmie has been a real pleasure. Ever since our first meeting it has been like working with a good friend, and her passion for what she does really shines through. Clemmie went the extra mile throughout the organisation, attending several meetings prior to the event to understand our objectives as well as support on the day and presenting to a large audience at a busy lunch time.The simplicity of the slides and interactive nature of the talk made it easy to understand and she gave practical simple tips so people could start making small improvements straight away. We have had some lovely feedback from people who found the talk interesting and enlightening. It has been great hearing the enthusiasm about what they learnt and how they have implemented this into their own lives. Particularly being mindful of old habits like reaching for the usual fizzy drink or coffee stimulant and choosing a healthier alternative instead.
— Knight Frank Wellness Day in aid of LandAid Day on 1st November 2018