What causes Crohns and Colitis?

The truth is we don’t really know what causes Crohn’s and Colitis. Although, we do know that genetics, a disordered immune response where the body attacks its own cells called autoimmunity, and changes in the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, are likely to play a part. These things, together with environmental factors, like food and stress, may trigger the disease in some people.

In relation to food, researchers think a diet low in fruit and vegetables may increase the risk of Crohn’s, and a low intake of vegetables may increase the risk of Colitis. This could be due to the beneficial effects fruit and vegetables have on our health and the bacteria in our intestines, so a lack thereof could change the bacterial composition. There is also some evidence that sucrose (table sugar) may increase the risk of Crohn’s and Colitis. But more research is needed into the affects of food on the risk of developing IBD.