I help people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease find a way forward


Inside this free eBook you will learn:

  • Education and Causes:

    Whether you are right at the beginning of your journey with IBD or have been living with your condition for years and feel like you have tried almost everything, there are things you can do, beyond the medication you are taking, to help your body recover and repair.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle:

    There are so many different influences that can impact inflammatory bowel disease, the disease progression, flare ups and long term management. Whilst you work with your gastroenterologist and GP to manage your IBD through medication, it is important that you look at all the other pieces of the puzzle alongside this that can have an impact on Crohn’s and colitis.

  • Management:

    With this knowledge, you can now have a clearer picture of how to help reduce your symptoms and start creating a lifestyle that better supports your IBD.

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