Success stories from happy clients and recommendations from health professionals.

“Clemmie’s knowledge and expertise makes her such a valuable resource to so many groups of patients. I would always recommend her to my patients who are struggling with their digestive health.” - Dr McCrea, NHS GP

Clemmie and the Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic have an amazing program that I cannot recommend enough. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and unsure of what I could eat and do to make myself feel better, besides medicine, meeting Clemmie was probably the best decision I ever made. She had a tailored program set up that looked into my own personal diet and requirements and after only the first few appointments I was already feeling 100 times better. Clemmie and Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic honestly changed my life for the better, and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the strength and motivation to get back to normal life now that I feel better after being unwell for so long. If you are looking to re-vamp your diet, or just find a routine that will make you feel better, I recommend Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Clinic ten-thousand percent.” - Milly, London

“Clemmie was incredibly informative and understanding regarding my issue. She knew exactly what tests to do and we found answers almost immediately, the positive impact these appointments have had is immeasurable. After feeling completely deflated by numerous doctors telling me there was nothing we could do, Clemmie was there with the right knowledge and understanding to help me. Thank you. I recommend the NALM clinic to anybody!” - Louise, Suffolk

“After suffering from a fairly weak stomach for a number of years, I contacted Clemmie who made me feel very comfortable with discussing the condition. We discussed a few possibilities as to what the problem may be and we did a test to investigate. Clemmie put together a specific plan to help tackle the problems we uncovered, taking into account my busy work schedule and lifestyle.. It is safe to say that I haven’t felt and issues since following her suggestions. It’s be great working with Clemmie and I would recommend her services to anyone.” - James, London